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How It’s Made has always fascinated me since I was young. It would send me down a rabbit hole searching for more information about everyday things in my life. The fact that I know how sprinkles and denim jeans are made may never be important, but I am a ringer on any trivia team. As I grew older, my curiosity continued to grow and being a millennial with an iPhone in hand became quite handy as I fell into constant ‘rabbit holes’ on IMDb while watching movies or television. My intrigue would spill over onto a larger screen and Google as I craved to learn more about story development, the many steps of animation, the directors’ and writers’ process, and what camera they used or how the cinematographer got a certain shot. With new technology and techniques being created every day, a filmmaker’s craft is never perfected nor finished.

I am an innovative and driven artist with a wide-ranging knowledge of the entertainment industry. I look to provide efficient administrative support for a diverse array of program participants and staff; establish and maintain strong working relationships with management, staff, and internal and external groups. I am enthusiastic and creative with a demonstrated ability to meet deadlines and objectives while exhibiting excellent organizational and communication talents.

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